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I’m Manana, a Georgian art director/digital designer based in Milan and specialising in UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration and 3d modelling.

15 years experience in Graphic Design
10 years in Art Direction
5 years in UX design

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Design and research of style for the communication of value.

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Graphic solutions for business ecosystems

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Intuitive navigation experience, enjoyable and effective

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Ability to transmit originality of innovation

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Meticulous attention to detail and creative overview


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About Me

I'm a Creative Art Director & Digital Designer

About Me

I'm Manana Gunia, a Georgian Art Director based in Milan.
My primary specialty is the stage and costume designer. Since 2002 I have been working in the field of visual communications. Started as a traditional graphic artist, over the years I have upgraded my practice from web and digital design to art direction and project management Since 2012 I have worked as a UX designer, with a special focus on creating digital interfaces. My approach is interdisciplinary and consumer-targeted. I am curious and critical by nature,I like new and creative solutions and I do my best to keep abreast in the latest web trends. I rather opt the customer-focused designs, I am eager to learn the customerís behavior, habits, objectives and context and transform all this into these creative solutions. I am inspired of the complexity and its streamlining. I believe, a well-designed digital interface facilitates the daily routine of a person. I love team work, I speak with and learn from an ordinary customer, I am committed to the problem solving and cooperation in close contact with a working team.
I have been working for years as an event designer for high-class private clients, firms, as well as the national pavilions designer at international exhibitions (Prague Quadrennial). My, as the event designerís credo, is to develop a creative idea based on the gist of an event and to convert the customerís wishes to the exclusive design aesthetics by appropriate means. In particular, I study the customerís (individual, firm, organization) nature and spirit, its interests and peculiarities of expression, determine the appropriate event aesthetics to solve scenographically the available environment. I create the visual original wrapping of a narrative and I bring it to the spectators by an adequate articulation of the space. As the stage designer and the event designer I have gained the team work and individual work skills, that helps me in my other activity, in particular in the field of UX design.

AREA Milan, Italy


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